Yahoo Maps Error: YAHOO.util.CustomEvent is not a constructor

UPDATE: Fixed by Yahoo!

Seems like someone messed up! Yahoo Maps’ AJAX API is broken and Firebug prints this lovely message:

YAHOO.util.CustomEvent is not a constructor

A quick workaround is to grab the output from”

and look for

Replace that with:

Then replace your call to the AJAX API:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

with the modified output from that script:

<script type="text/javascript">
var YAHOO=window.YAHOO||{};
    if(!_1||!_1.length){ return null; }
    var _2=_1.split(".");
    var _3=YAHOO;
    for(var i=(_2[0]=="YAHOO")?1:0;i<_2.length;++i){
    return _3;
var YMAPPID = "(apikey)";
function _ywjs(inc) { var o='<'+'script src="'+inc+'"'+' type="text/javascript"><'+'/script>'; document.write(o); }

This is a temporary workaround, YAHOO! will probably fix this really soon!

PS: Remember to replace (apikey), (version) and (full_version) with the proper  values!

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