Google Translate Does Romanian Too

Seems that Google has updated its Translate service to include many more languages. Among these is also Romanian, and the results are pretty damn hilarious.

Pare că Google a actualizat Traduceţi sale de serviciu, pentru a include mai multe limbi. Printre aceste este, de asemenea, română, şi rezultatele sunt destul de naibii de hilar.

And now backwards:
Se pare ca Google si-a actualizat serviciul Translate (traduceri) pentru a include mai multe limbi. Printre acestea este, de asemenea, romana si rezultatele sunt al naibii de distractive.

It seems that Google had updated service Translate (translation) to include more languages. Among them is, too, Romanian and the results are damn fun.

Now everyone should be able to enjoy Zoso (original).

3 thoughts on “Google Translate Does Romanian Too

  1. Hai ca nu-i chiar asa de rau… Ca doar nu te pui sa traduci shogunu’ cu google translator… acolo ceva uzual, gen: “unde e baia” sau vreun strain sa vrea sa afle ce inseamna “ia mai da-te-n p#|@ mea”

  2. Hi, I found your URL by a lucky chance on Google. You’re right, the translator is funny … but I also have a favour to ask.

    Someone sent an email with three words, in Romanian … I was wondering if you could translate it for me. The Google translate doesn’t really make sense.

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