New feature: Akismet Stats

Over the last days a couple of new versions for the Akismet Worpress plugin were released. And they (silently) bring a new feature: your very own Akismet Stats page, located under the Dashboard main tab:

So far you can get:

  • an overview of spam/ham/accuracy, with monthly sum-ups
  • graphs showing spam/ham/missed spam/false positives in time
  • a “yummy pie” comparing spam and ham
  • a apology for vegetarians

    What the heck is ham doing on my blog? I’m a vegetarian.[…]

    Also, we’re sorry about the vegetarian thing.

One more thing (which they omitted): you can check out the stats page manually by replacing api_key and blog_url in the following url with the proper values:

(just make sure you keep your API key secret!).

SVN logs show it’s Matt who’s been pushing the update. It must be the cakes!

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